I miss the bond and closeness that is felt at OCCF with all of you that really cared and gave so much very special time to all of us. Thank you all so very much. I want you all to know how much your time with me has meant to me. I’ve enjoyed with each and every one of you, every bible study, one-on-ones, church meeting, all prayers together and alone. Thanks so much. (D.R.)

I still attend all the religious programs in the jail and getting to know God better and better every day. I want to thank you for helping me believe that God is real and that He’s a good God. And, I also want to let you know that you are a blessing to me as we have become brothers and sisters in Christ’s love. (S. E.)

I feel blessed because I have had the chance to meet all of you. You have changed my life and brought my belief in God more in focus! He (God) knows I have counted a great deal on him to guide me and to keep me going in the past eleven months. It had been an experience I will never forget. (K. B.)

I’m doing very well since God and I became friends and I’ve been staying out of trouble. Thanks a lot for the student study bible. That was very kind of you and yes, I’ve been reading it. It explains and helps me understand God’s words a whole lot better. Before I met the mentors from the church and chapel service I would have never thought I would be praying almost everyday and not just for myself but for other people as well. So I have to thank you and the rest of the mentors for that. Where I come from there are not too many kind and generous people like you, so I believe that is one of God’s ways of showing me he cares. (J. W.)

I am doing good. I am in a vocational program, small engine repair. I attend church on Sunday and my bible reading is always daily. I often hold my brothers and sisters at OCCF in the light of prayer, and will continue to do so. I am happy for the many people that will be blessed from the efforts of the people at O.C. jail ministry, and God’s family in general. Tell all my friends I said hello. I’m not sure how all of this happened to me, but I will look to the Lord for guidance. I will strive to do the work God has put before me. (T. B.)

How are you doing? Hopefully better than me. I am writing to you because when I was in OCCF you and your peers offered encouragement to me. I’ve been doing okay since coming upstate but lately I’ve been down and out. I haven’t been myself and I’m not sure what’s wrong. The church services here are very limited and I don’t like being around too many people. Not everyone goes to receive God’s blessings.

I’m not really sure what kind of support you can give me but I’m sure prayer will help. Do you have any advice for me? (O. N.)

I’m in the Florida jail system now. I want to thank you and Betty again for making sure I got that jacket! And for being there for us in jail with the 12-Step program. Could you please tell Chris (the Bible Study lady) That I said thank-you as well. You all helped me very much on my journey and I hope to see you under better circumstances sometime. (P. B.)

The jail ministry has helped me to become more patient with daily living. Without them I fear I would be the same person I was when I came to jail. They helped me learn forgiveness, not just forgiving others but forgiving myself. They helped me to come to terms with my mother’s passing and I fear that without them by my side through the whole ordeal I would have fallen, I want to thank you all but my deepest thanks goes to Pastor Kurt Funke for always being there when I needed him and Pastor Jeff Mclallen for always  giving me words of encouragement When I needed them. I hope they stay with this program for along time cause there is lots of troubled people who need them. (J.F.)