What is Aftercare Ministry?

The Aftercare Ministry is to assist the person released from prison or jail to become adjusted to life outside the prison or jail in a constructive way.  This ministry is multifaceted and complex because every released person has different needs and economic/family resources.

Typical needs addressed by the JMOC Aftercare Ministry include:

¨ providing transportation for ex-offenders to social service agencies and to job interviews,

¨ helping the recently released inmate apply for a job, find a place to live, or complete forms necessary for securing services from governmental and nongovernmental agencies,

¨  providing for basic necessities, such as food, hygiene products, clothing, and furniture to set up an apartment or room

¨ getting the recently released inmate into a Christian study group and/or church.

Ameen Aswad, the Aftercare Coordinator, has extensive experience working with prison inmates and various social service agencies and churches in the county.  He determines the best way the ex-offender can be helped.    To gain the assistance, the Aftercare Coordinator may provide some of the service or call on help from a social service agency, a church or group of churches, or volunteers who have indicated that they would give of their time and effort to this ministry.

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