History and Board Members

The jail ministry began around 1959-1960 under the direction of the former Cooperstown Council of Churches. At that time the jail was housed on Main Street in the small building next to the County Building.

Over the years the jail ministry has continued under several Chaplains and until recently, was mainly supported by the Clergy of Cooperstown. Under the present Chaplain there is a team of Clergy and Laity from more than twelve different churches throughout Otsego County. This team has two things in common, they all love Jesus and have a passion for jail ministry. Also under the present leadership the jail ministry was officially named, Jail Ministry of Otsego County (JMOC), and a fresh vision for the future emerged.

Board of Directors:

  • Ameen Aswad–Chairman of the Board
  • Rev. Ed Craig–Board Member
  • Tania Capo–Board Member
  • John Clow–Board Member
  • Scott Curtis–Assistant Treasurer
  • Donna Francis–Treasurer
  • Tysha Hoose–Board Member
  • Todd Hoose–Board Member
  • Laurie Laymon–Board Member
  • Thomas LeBeau–Secretary
  • Rev. Jeff McLallen–Board Member
  • Lona Smith–Board Member